Monday, August 20, 2007

Guest Blogger: Stefanie Worth

I'm thrilled to have yet another guest blogger grace my blog. It gives me great pleasure to welcome debut author Stefanie Worth. Stefanie is one of the newest authors to the Dorchester Publishing family. Her debut novel, WHERE SOULS COLLIDES, combines romance, a hint of suspense, and a touch of paranormal. Whew! I have a hard time writing a simple little love story.

Stefanie, when did you start writing romance?

When I started my novel in 1998, it didn't start as a romance, it was just a story. As I became more involved with Romance Writers of America and my critique group, I learned about the "rules" of romance and became more open to targeting that genre. I stopped writing the book in 1999 to focus on my family and picked it up again in 2004 when I re-joined my critique group. When I completed the novel in 2005 and began revisions, I ramped up the romantic elements while trying to keep the mainstream feel.

What was your reaction when you got THE CALL?

Ecstatic! I was at work when the call came and so my editor followed up with an email, which I read from my desk. I wanted to shout the news to the whole office, but, of course, I didn't. I called my mom instead.

Funny, my mom was the first person I called too!

Tell me a little about WHERE SOULS COLLIDE.

Where Souls Collide comes down to a choice between second chances and new beginnings. It's the story of a woman (Navena Larimore) juggling the re-emergence of her psychic power with the lure of a former lover (Maxwell McKnight) and the looming bankruptcy of her newspaper. She's forced to unravel the conflicting struggles of her personal, professional and psychic lives and weave them into a fulfilling outcome for herself and the man she loves.

So, Stefanie, what are you working on now?
I'm wrapping up a story about an empath who gets entangled with a very unethical villainess. I'm really enjoying this one, but ideas for the next story are already beckoning!

That's awesome, Stefanie. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in at my blog.

WHERE SOULS COLLIDE is available in stores everywhere. You can check out Stefanie's website at to read an excerpt.

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