Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dallas Pic Spam

There were just so many great photo ops, and it wouldn't be fair to keep all these shots to myself. So, what better way to keep the memories alive than to spam them all over my blog.

Prepare yourself for MAJOR pic spam!

The day before the book sigining, I held a party for all the wonderful ladies who came to Dallas to cheer me on at my first RWA book signing. Back in the early days of planning, I thought there would be about 15 or so people. I think we topped off at about 50!

In addition to feasting on gumbo, jambalaya, King Cake, and pralines at my New Orleans-themed party, I also signed copies of Deliver Me!

My party was supposed to be "alcohol free" but there's no such thing when my girls get together. They come prepared. Can you blame them? What's a Hurricane without the alcohol?

Here's a fantastic group shot of a bunch of "Rochonettes" at the RWA Literacy Book Signing. The Rochonettes is the official Farrah Rochon Fan Club. So many great looking gals in one shot should be illegal.

The Rochonettes were a sight to behold at the RWA signing. I had no doubt they would turn heads.

Julia Quinn is a huge favorite among the girls. The one drawback of signing at the RWA conference is the fact that I could not go around to all my favorite authors. Would I give up my place at the table for it? Nah.

After the book signing, a very special New York Times Best-selling author held a private party for all of us. I actually danced (though you won't see those pictures here).

Even though black seemed to be the color of the evening, the ladies in red were looking pretty hot!

For any of you out there who are tired of pictures, I'll have to apologize, because I'm not done yet. There's more to come!

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