Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RELEASE ME in stores today!

To all bookstore employees: Brace yourselves! I've got a feeling there's going to be this massive rush of people flying to the bookstores today to pick up their copy of Release Me.

Okay, so maybe there won't be a stampede, but a girl can dream, right?

I was at Barnes and Noble's early this morning. Unfortunately, they wouldn't open their doors for me until 10:00 a.m. The nerve! Didn't they realize today was a special day? My second book hits stores today!

Gosh, that cover looks even better surrounded by those other books.

And, because I pride myself on being goofy, I just had to drag a poor, unsuspecting book buyer to the romance section so she could take my picture with the book. That's just what goofy, elated authors do!

If you have a chance, hop on over to The Book Binge where I'm a featured guest author today.

Go forth and bombard your booksellers with demands for Release Me!

Friday, May 23, 2008

National Black Book Festival Pictures

A couple of entries ago, I mentioned that I was on my way to Houston for the National Black Book Festival. Even though I was not as impressed with the event as I'd hoped to be, I still had a great time meeting fans, other writers, and those on the pulse of the writing world.

One of those "pulse people" was the wonderful Marlive Harris of The GRITS.com who provided the snap shots you see here:

My sister and I were sporting our fabulous RELEASE ME t-shirts.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to authors Electa Rome Parks and Christian Fiction author Fon James.

I also met members of several great book clubs in the Houston area. The people of Houston are always so welcoming. They definitely made the trip for me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Six Unremarkable Quirks

My friend and critique partner, Shauna Roberts, tagged me for the Six Unremarkable Quirks meme. Here are the rules:

-Link the person who tagged you.

-Mention the rules in your blog.

-Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.

-Tag six bloggers by linking them.

-Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

Okay, so I'm breaking the meme and not tagging six other bloggers, but I'm sure it'll make its way around the blogosphere without my help.

So, from an extremely quirky person, here are six unremarkable quirks:

1. I have to sleep with cotton in my ears. It stems from something that happened long ago in my childhood that you would have to beat out of me with a hollowed out cane stick.

2. I often times have do things in three or sixes, or even if I don't do them, I think of doing them (performing the sign of the cross, switching on the light switch, brushing a strand of my hair). I know this is slightly OCD, and I accept that, though I can't believe I'm revealing it on my blog. I'll probably come back and erase this one after meditating on the fact that I've just told the world what many have thought for a long time...I really am certifiable.

3. On my drive home, I love listening to talk radio and holding one-sided heated debates with the radio show hosts. I've become so animated that I've had to hold my cell phone to my ear so other drivers would think I'm having a conversation with someone other than myself. (Does this also attest to my insanity?)

4. When I check into a hotel room, one of the first things I have to do is make sure there's an iron. Thing is, I rarely iron my clothes anymore.

5. I will spend significant time arranging books in proper order in bookstores. I know many "book people" do this, but in my case it causes serious anxiety for me to see a book out of order.

***An aside to Dr. Charles Gramlich, my former psychology professor, and a regular reader of my blog: Thanks for teaching me that there is an actual term for my "quirkiness". I choose not to get help for it, though.***

6. I'm addicted to making lists simply because of the great sense of relief I get from checking items off once I'm done.

The scariest part about this entire post is that I kept the really crazy quirks to myself. Yes, people, be afraid, be very afraid, but remember to order your copy of Release Me, which hits stores in just one week!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Heading to Houston

I'm on my way to the National Black Book Festival in Houston, TX this weekend. I'm armed with hundreds of bookmarks, cover flats, and an early copy of my upcoming novel Release Me for one lucky raffle winner.

If any of you out there plan on attending, be sure to stop by my table and say hello!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guest Blogging at Fresh Fiction Today

I totally forgot I was the guest blogger at Fresh Fiction. You'll find the link to my blog on "Anticipation" at the very top of the page, under the Fresh Buzz heading.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Romance Slam Jam 2008

I'm a week late with this post, but does that really surprise anyone? Even though I am a bit tardy, and pictures from this year's Romance Slam Jam are already all over the net, I would be remiss in not posting a few of my own.

This was my first Romance Slam Jam, and the event far surpassed my expectations. I had a blast meeting authors who I've gotten to know through the blogosphere. However, the best part of my weekend in Chicago was meeting the fans! Who needs crack when you have people telling you how much they love the characters you've created? No feeling can compare to the joy of knowing you've sucked readers into your world and taken them on a journey with your characters!

So, without further ado, here are just a few snapshots from the 2008 Romance Slam Jam!

Here I am with the fabulous Gwynne Forrester. She is simply fascinating.

I finally met Gwyneth Bolton in person. After "knowing" Gwyneth through the web for well over a year, it was great to finally meet face to face.

I had a fantastic time Saturday afternoon at the book signing. I signed a bunch of copies of Deliver Me and book flats for Release Me.

One of the biggest highlights of Romance Slam Jam was meeting Louise. Louise was the first fan to contact me after I sold Deliver Me.

If this isn't enough for you, Radiah of Urban-Reviews (which is featuring Release Me as the Excerpt of the Month!) has tons of pictures from the Romance Slam Jam, including pics from Saturday night's
Emma Awards, Saturday afternoon's book signing, and tons of video from the Old School Jam party, which I missed on Friday night. I will not make that mistake again.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blogging in Black

I recently joined as a columnist on the group blog, Blogging in Black. Check out my first post on taking yourself too seriously.

Monday, May 05, 2008

As promised...baby pictures!

Introducing Lauryn La'Nai (rhymes with Renee). Yes, I know, she looks just like her Auntie Farrah.

Okay, so maybe she doesn't look like Auntie Farrah...yet, but you must admit she is the most precious little girl ever. I am totally in love. How someone I only met a few days ago could become one of the most important beings in my life amazes me, but it's true. It is all about Lauryn.

Don't you wish you could sleep so peacefully? Unfortunately for the new mom and dad, Lauryn's prime sleeping time is during the day. She likes to sing (umm...scream her lungs out) at two in the morning.