Thursday, December 20, 2007

Do romance novels need a makeover?

For all you romance readers out there, there is a fascinating discussion going on over at Dear Author regarding the covers of romance novels.

This topic surfaces often, and I'm always surprised by some of the answers. I guess it's because I tend not to care what strangers think about me, but the thought of hiding a romance novel, or even not buying a romance, because I'm afraid of what the cashier will think of me, just blows my mind. Why in the wide, wide world of all that's good and sensible should I care what the cashier at Barnes & Noble or Walmart thinks about my clinch cover? That this causes any amount of stress for some people makes me sad. There's just so much other stuff to worry about, why waste the brain energy?

Then again, I wonder if maybe some people just have an inflated sense of self-importance. Seriously, does the cashier at Walmart even care what your reading tastes are? What makes you think they're going to give any thought to the book you're buying (or you, for that matter) once they've scanned it and placed it in the bag. You're really not that important to them.

Or maybe I'm just in a cynical mood. So not good this close to Christmas.

To take the edge off this slightly rant-like post, I'll cheer myself up by posting the cover for RELEASE ME again:

Funny how I complained about the cover of DELIVER ME but I just loooooove the naked torso cover.

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