Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Bad Luck (Ohio State) Buckeye

Over the weekend I headed up to the cold (compared to New Orleans) city of Columbus, Ohio to cheer on the (then) #1 Ohio State Buckeyes as they continued their march to the BCS National Championship game. Anyone who follows college football knows by now that the Buckeyes' hopes to compete in the National Championship game were crushed by the nearly flawless play of the Illinois Fighting Illini. I'm now known as the Bad Luck Buckeye, and will forever be thought of as the one who jinxed the perfect season. Just great.

Although I was heartbroken, I still had a fabulous time watching my younger cousin, Brian, who happens to be the starting wide-receiver for the Bucks and a heck of a ball player, play in the final home game.

I did some tailgating with my friend Kath, and her sister Karen, who hosted us for the weekend. I had my first (but definitely not last) hot toddy!

My favorite part of the weekend (other than that hot toddy) was spotting all the #80 jerseys in the stores and stands. Brian has become pretty popular in the Horse Shoe!

Script Ohio. A long-standing tradition. It was awesome to watch the band.

Here I am with Brian (in the center) after the game, along with his younger brother, Andrew. Gosh, they both make me look sooooo short! Am I really that short? Anyhoo, Andrew will be playing at the center position for the University of Hawaii next year. Being the supportive cousin I am, I told him I would make at least one of his games, as well. I’m so selfless. :P

The Buckeyes may be out of the national title race, but there is still a lot riding on this coming Saturday’s game against the Wolverines. The winner goes to the Rose Bowl. Can somebody say sunny Pasadena?

Go Bucks! Beat Michigan!

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