Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Big Brother watching what you read

Days ago, while skimming another blog, I found this article on airport scanners now keeping a record of passengers' reading material onboard flights. Scary, isn't it? I'm all for passenger safety, but this has me wondering whether or not a line has been crossed in regards to a person's right to privacy?

Sure, no one cares that I'm reading a Scottish love story set in the 1600's, but what if I want to read the latest thriller that centers around a terroist attack? Do I go on some sort of "ones to watch" list, or am I just being super paranoid here?

I've had the same concerns while conducting research for a new romantic suspense I'm hoping to write. Is someone keeping tabs as I search for info on bombing devices and FBI procedure? What's the criteria for getting flagged by the faceless people who track this stuff?

Boy, I'm just full of questions today, aren't I? :) But, seriously, doesn't it make you wonder who's watching what you do?

Thoughts anyone?

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