Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Even Traffic Has a Bright Side

Just yesterday, a study was released on how much time Americans spend in traffic. New Orleans didn't make the top ten list, but I can attest to the horrid traffic in my quest to make it into the Big Easy from my little bayou town every morning.

In fact, on Monday, the day before the study's release, I'd made the decision to leave a half-hour earlier just so I would not have to trudge through that unmoving sea of cars. This was not easy. You see, I love to sleep, and try to eek out every second of sleep I can get in the morning. But the road rage was becoming unmanageable, and I figured it was better to lose a few minutes sleep than to ram my car into the person in front of me in a fit of traffic-induced frustration.

What I had not anticipated was the windfall of extras one receives when they cut their commute time in half. In addition to saving on both time and gasoline, I've also found an additional hour of writing time. Yes, an entire hour! That's about 3-5 pages on a good writing day.

So, even though I would still rather that extra sleep, I will look on the bright side of morning traffic. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to crank the books out just a bit faster.

I'm curious. How many of you out there have to suffer through a hellacious commute?

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