Friday, June 15, 2007

I was on the radio!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog post for this special announcement!

I know I promised to devote the next few write-ups to my shenanigans at Book Expo America 2007, but when something really cool happens, I just have to blog about it.

A few weeks ago, my fabulous publicist, Tara Settembre, of Buy the Book PR shot me an email letting me know that she'd found this great radio promotional opportunity. Tara has a knack for coming up innovative promo ideas. Believe me, in this saturated business, you've got to find something really different if you want to stand out, and Tara is a whiz at thinking outside the box.

However, I thought this was a little outside even for her. When I think of books, I don't necessarily think of radio, unless it's an interview on some talk radio station. This, however, was for a pop music station. In fact, KFTZ 103-FM is Idaho's number one pop music station, with a listening audience of 250,000 that includes both Brigham Young University (Idaho) and Idaho State University. We are talking a lot of people. I wasn't sure about it, but heck, it was only going to cost me one autographed book and a few promo items. It was worth a few late-night listeners hearing my name, right?

Let me tell you, it's a good thing I trust my publicist, because the girl knows what she's doing. The radio spot was fabulous! The on-air personality centered a radio call-in contest around my Farrah Rochon Prize Pack. People in Idaho were actually calling into a radio station to win my book. How cool is that!

Here's what aired on KFTZ 103-FM:

I just cannot wait for Tara's next amazing promo idea.