Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Comes With the Territory

I hate public speaking. HATE IT!!!
The dozen or so classmates from my high school Speech Class will probably never forget the day I stood up to give my first speech and learned that I hate public speaking. I nearly passed out two minutes into the five-minute speech.

Writing was a natural choice for a girl like me. I've always had a lot to say, but needed an outlet other than speaking in which to voice my opinion. Writing was it.

Who knew so many speaking engagements would surface as a result of my writing? It's just my luck! I've been asked to speak three times already, and my first book hasn't been released yet. I guess it comes with the territory.
This past Saturday, I bit the bullet and agreed to speak to the River Parish Writing Group, a wonderful group of aspiring writers and screenwriters, and one published author, cozy mystery and romance writer Barbara Colley.

I had a wonderful time! Even though I was completely nervous when I first arrived, the RPWG made me feel right at home. I had a great time chatting about how I began writing, what it's been like having to come up with promo ideas, and what I expect in the future.

Does this mean I'm jumping at the chance to speak again? Heck no!

However, it was nice to get through the event without hyperventilating. :)

Here's a picture from Saturday. I expect to see these faces on the backcovers of a stellar novels!