Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

I've got something for your mailbag!

By this time tomorrow, the second of my Holmes Brothers trilogy, which I still refer to as Toby's Book since I haven't come up with a title, will finally be on its way to my agent's desk.

*pause for the Hallelujah chorus*

This book. Goodness, me, what can I say about this book!

I started it nearly two years ago with the intention of having it completed in six months flat. Unfortunately, the road to completion was paved with several job changes, Hurricane Katrina, and the discovery of paranormal romance novels which gobbled up way too much of my time.

I sort of lost my way during the course of writing this novel. As more and more rejection letters mounted for the other manuscripts I was trying to sell, I started slacking off. Thank goodness I sold Deliver Me. It lit a fire under my butt and kick started my drive to get Toby’s Book done.

I’m feeling a little anxious, but then again, that’s usually the case when it comes to sending my precious words into the mean ol’ publishing world (if my agent is reading this, I don’t mean you!) . :) Even though Toby’s Book gave me fits, it just may be my favorite. My sister likes it, which is akin to a big fat gold star. She is THE most critical reader a writer can have, and to have her come out and say “I’m liking this book” was a huge thing for me.

My fingers are crossed that my agent feels the same way, and that he can convince an editor to fall in love with Toby Holmes, Sienna Culpepper, and all the other characters in Toby’s Book, as well.

Hmm…now that the book is on its way out the door, I guess the next thing to do is find a title for it. Maybe I should hold a naming contest!