Monday, January 29, 2007

Two heads are better than one...

I'm not so sure about that statement.

This past weekend, the guest speaker for my local RWA group was a local writer who co-authors a mystery series with her sister-in-law under the name H.O. Ward. She spoke on co-authoring a novel. It was fascinating. They began writing in the early 80's before we had the Internet. Can you imagine? One would write a chapter then would mail it to the other so she could edit and write the next chapter. It took them five years to complete that first novel. Talk about guts!

To be honest, the entire concept of co-writing is frightening to me. I know the type of writer I am, and more importantly, I know the type of person I am. If I want something to stay in a book, it stays. Um...unless my editor tells me to take it out. :) Although, even my editor and I had to compromise on a few things because I just did not want to let go of some of my favorite parts.

As the speaker talked about how she and her sister-in-law collaborated, I couldn't help but imagine what I would do in a similar situation. It's pretty obvious to me that if I were to co-author a book with anyone it would be my older sister. She edited both Deliver Me and the manuscript I just turned in, tentatively titled Release Me. However, both are still my books. If she suggested something I didn't agree with, I simply said no, and that was the end of it. (Okay, so she called me stupid and stubborn a few times, but that's normal).

That would not be the case if we were co-authoring a book. If we were writing the book together I would have to compromise. I would possibly have to change some things that I didn't want to change. Just the thought of this has me on the verge of an anxiety attack.

For those who are brave enough to co-write a book, more power to you. You have a lot more fortitude than I do. My books are definitely a one-woman show.