Monday, January 22, 2007

Back to Reality

Big. Dramatic. Sigh.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been in this euphoric daze; living in a world sprinkled with black and gold pixie dust. But, yesterday, the mean ol' Chicago Bears stepped in with their awesome defense and blew all the pixie dust away. That's just not cool, Bears!

The New Orleans Saints have taken us fans on a wild and wonderful ride, but now it's back to reality.
As I look over my way too long to-do list, it seems as though I should have stepped back onto the reality train a few days ago. My, how quickly things pile up. How was I supposed to know life doesn't stop for football?

So, here I am, back to working on the synopsis, which still sucks, but is, thankfully, almost completed. I've promised my agent that he would have the book by the end of the week, so I definitely need to get this baby done. Once again, I'm trying every promo trick within my power to get the Farrah Rochon name out there to the masses. Worst of all, I'm being expected to do actual work at my day job (how dare they!), so it's onto those duties, as well.

All is not lost on the football front, though. New Orleans still has a stake in this year's big game as hometown boy, Peyton Manning, plays in his first Super Bowl! Go Peyton!

And to the Saints, thank you!

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