Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deflated Morning

I was supposed to return to my blog after my short hiatus with a great post about the cruise I just took on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship, and the half-marathon I walked/jogged/crawled this past week. However, two flat tires and multiple problems with the tow company has drained all of my good cheer.

I was one of four drivers on the road this morning whose tire met with a huge piece of sheet metal that flew out of the back of a pick-up truck. So, instead of spending the afternoon starting a brand new novel, I'll have to spend my day at the body shop replacing the two brand new tires I just had put on my car two weeks ago. Joy, I tell you. Pure joy.

In my current state of mind, it's probably best that I don't start that new novel. It's supposed to be a romance, not a horror.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, my good mood will be restored and I can tell all about my lovely week cruising with Mickey and the Gang.