Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Where I write

Some people need complete quiet when they write. Others listen to music to put them in the mood to pen stories. Me? I can deal with either, but my favorite writing spot is the place with overpriced coffee and unbelievably fattening--but extremely yummy--pastries. We all know it. It's STARBUCKS!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm pushing the fanatic envelope when it comes to Starbucks, and coffee, in general. Blame it on my dear departed grandfather who used to serve us grand kids Community Coffee and buttered toast when we were little. I've always loved a good cup of strong coffee.

I discovered Starbucks was my ideal writing environment about three or so years ago. I'd just started Deliver Me (available 2/27/07 -- mark the date!) and needed to find a place without outside distractions. I do not have WiFi on my laptop, so there's not internet to pull me away. I stepped into a local Starbucks and found my little slice of writing heaven on Earth.

Unfortunately, my fav writing spot was out of commission for over a year after Hurricane Katrina blew into town. During that time, I also discovered being fixated on one writing place isn't a good thing. It took shopping around at a lot of other writing venues to finally find somewhere to work. However, for the last few months, my Starbucks has been operating under limited hours. Thankfully, my ideal writing time falls within those hours.

Here's a picture of where my characters come to life:

And here's my favorite Barista, Tracie, who greets me every morning by name and makes me feel so special. :)

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