Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 8 of 2008

On this final day of 2008, I’ve done a bit of reflecting on the events of the last year. As a collective whole it has been a year of ups and downs—from the magnificent Olympic Games in Beijing to the meltdown of Wall Street. However, as I reflect on my own person ups and downs of 2008, I discovered that I had much more checked in the up column.

So, here are my Top 8 of 2008:

1. Completed my second half-marathon in January.
2. Became a first-time aunt with the birth of my beautiful niece, Lauryn, in April.
3. Had two books published—one in May, the other in September.
4. Sold two more books—one in June (I think), the other just a few days ago!
5. Made a life-changing decision to leave my beloved New Orleans and move to Austin, TX back in September.
6. Survived hurricanes Gustav and Ike (including the scary morning of tornadoes from Ike’s feeder bands).
7. Saw history made with the election of my country’s first black president.
8. After nearly six years and countless dollars, discovered I do not need Starbucks in order to write!

Wishing you all a happy, safe, healthy 2009. See you next year!