Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Joys of Book Signings

This past weekend, I blogged on Blogging in Black about book festivals, book expos, and signings I've attended or plan to attend to promote my newest book, Release Me.

I'll be honest, book signings are not my favorite things. I've mentioned this in a previous blog post, how there seems to be this pressure to buy an author's book when you come across them at a book signing. People avoid eye contact, and whiz by the table as if there's a pot of gold waiting on the other side.

Well, I've found there is a difference when the book signing is set up specifically for the author. I've had two such signings at local libraries. It's a huge boost to my ego when folks actually line up to buy my book instead of avoiding me.

Here's a pic at one such signing with one of my newest favorite fans, Marie.

Marie and her husband drove all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend my book signing in LaPlace. Talk about an ego boost! That's a good 40 mile drive. With gas prices the way they are, I was completely floored that someone would drive so far just to see little ol' me.

Wait! It gets better. Turns out Marie already had both Deliver Me and Release Me. She drove all that way because she wanted signed copies for her keeper shelf!

Excuse me while I deflate my swelling head. But not yet. This is as close to rock star status as I'll probably ever get.