Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Bittersweet Victory

Here's the good news: I just found out that I placed first in three categories for Shades of Romance's Readers Choice Awards. Best Multi-Cultural Romance Book of the Year, Best Multi-Cultural Romance Author of the Year, Best Multi-Cultural New Romance Author of the Year.

Exciting right?

Well...now, I'm not so sure. In light of the latest controversy to stir up the romance writing community, I now question just how significant the award is. You see, when nominations opened, I told a bunch of family members and friends about the contest, and I know many of them headed over to SORMAG and voted for me. Everyone who voted read and (I think) loved the book, so it's not as if they voted just for the sake of voting. Yet, because of everything that has transpired over the past week regarding the rigging of Amazon reviews and such, I just don't feel as excited as I should. It's such a bummer, because this is the first time I've received this type of recognition in my writing career.

Despite my melancholy mood, I am very honored and grateful to all who voted for me. Hopefully, my next effort, RELEASE ME, will live up to expectations.