Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who am I to judge?

For the past week and a half, I've had the extreme pleasure of reading some of THE best books for a contest I'm judging. However, I've been asking myself lately, who exactly am I to judge another writer's work? All of the authors whose work I've been judging have been in this writing biz longer than I have, and have published more books than I've published. Who am I to say if their books meet some sort of standard?

Then it hit me. I'm a reader. And I've been a reader for a long time.

These writers get judged by people on a regular basis . Their books are not bought solely by other published authors, they are bought by people (hopefully, many people) who love to read romance. Since I fall into that category, I guess I'm just as capable of being a contest judge as anyone else out there.

Oh, and did I mention that I get to keep the books! Happy-dancing it.