Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's in the stars...

I usually don't read the horoscopes. I'm a good, old-fashioned Catholic girl. We're taught not to rely on the metaphysical.

However, over the past week, a few of us in the office have been reading the horoscope of a co-worker who has had to make some extremely heavy life choices. Frankly, I'm scared at how on point the stars have been in regards to his life. Everyday it seems that the words were written specifically with his situation in mind.

I know there are people who'll say those things are written in such a broad, general language that they can be interpreted in numerous ways, and can be applied to an assortment of situations. But this is different. And scary.

Now, does this mean I'll be tearing open the paper every morning to read my own horoscope? Heck no. Good or bad, I'd rather be surprised by what happens in my life. And, does this mean that everything the stars have predicted for my co-worker will come to pass? Who knows, but it's been really fun to watch.

And just for the record, I think said co-worker is going to do great in whatever he chooses.