Thursday, March 19, 2009

This really takes the cake

How many of you out there know of the cupcake revolution? Seriously, the cupcake has been reinvented in a huge way. No longer is it just regular cake with yummy frosting and maybe a few sprinkles, if you're lucky. These days, you can get a cupcake that rivals the fanciest dessert from the finest restaurant. Believe me people, it is all about cupcakes.

This past weekend, thanks to my fab friend and publicist, Tara, I attended a cupcake social. It was like a cocktail party for cupcakes, hosting by the gurus of cupcakes, Nichelle Stephens and Rachel Bussel, of Cupcakes Take The Cake (warning, don't go over to their blog if you're hungry).

Instead of droning on and on about cupcakes, I'm just going to hit you with some serious cupcake porn. Get the kiddies out of the room folks, these are not for delicate eyes.

Here are a few from The Cupcake Bar in Austin. I had the red velvet and nearly fell out of my chair.

And here are more from Cake by Bridges. They had a great New Orleans Praline cupcake! It was fabulous. It tasted like home!

A collection of fabulous cupcakes including that red velvet I mentioned, banana with a peanut butter frosting, vanilla with raspberry frosting and rose hips, and ooey, gooey chocolate with Oreo cookies crunch on top, and the New Orleans praline. Don't get the wrong idea here, I didn't eat them all by myself, I had a friend there with me.

I was going to torture you with a before and almost after of the rose cupcake, but that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Besides, I have a plane to catch and I don't have time to wait for the pics to upload. I'm heading out to New York City for the PASIC Conference and to check out some of those cupcake spots I've read about on Cupcake Take The Cake!