Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And the journey begins...

I've heard that anybody who's anybody has a blog these days. And, since I definitely consider myself somebody, I figured I'd better jump on the blogging bandwagon pretty darn quick.

Okay, fine. So it's taken me more than a few tries to actually make it onto the bandwagon, but I'm here now, and if you haven't hit the "back" button or that little red "X" in the upper right hand corner of your screen, then I consider myself lucky.

I've contemplated exactly what the Farrah Rochon blog should encompass. Really, I've had seriously mind-numbing conversations within my already cluttered brain about this, and since I still cannot find the perfect theme, I've decided to just shoot from the hip.

Watch out people, this could get scary.

For this first attempt at blogging, I'll pick something extremely relevant to what I'm currently going through right now: The Second Sale.

*cue creepy horror movie music*

There's nothing that can compare to the feeling you experience when you get THE CALL, or in my case, THE EMAIL (that's the topic of another post). Elation doesn't begin to describe the emotions that surface when you find out that after years of hard work and sacrifice, stupid characters doing stupid things, sentences that just won't freaking work, you've finally sold your first book. Family and friends smother you in hugs and kisses. Your internet friends (waving to my Dreadnaughts) shower you with the most touching emails and phone calls. All is right with the world.

But what happens when you've turned in your final revisions and that first book is off to the presses? You have to write a second book, that's what!

When I sold DELIVER ME, I was nearly done with the extremely rough draft of the follow up featuring the Holmes brothers, currently titled "Toby's book". (Note: I am not good with titles). I knew the story needed serious rewrites, but hey, I'd been there and done that with four previous books. This wouldn't be a big deal.

Uh, yeah, right. Tell that to my brain right now.

The difference between those rewrites and this one is that the others lacked the pressure of knowing both my agent and editor will soon read them. There was something they saw in DELIVER ME that they will undoubtedly expect to see in the next book. I only wish I had a clue what it could possibly be. What about this book stood out from the countless manuscripts that crossed their desks?

There is a certain measure of safety in the thought that you're simply writing for yourself. It freaks me out that I actually have to live up to someone else's expectations. Talk about pressure!

However, I plow ahead. I am diligently working toward that second sale, which will hopefully turn into a third, and forth, and fortieth. You get the picture. I'm in this for the long haul. So, I'm firmly throwing those pesky insecurities out the window and working to make this book even better than the last!

Stay tuned.